Bali Sofa
Bali Sofa

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Bali Sofa

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Bespoke Bali Sofa with gold plated legs

This classy looking velvet sofa provides comfort and cosiness. This can come as a 3 and 3 sofa set or 3 and 2 sofa set or all as individuals. 

We can also customise this design, including changing the size, fabric and legs of your requirements. Even though some of the colour options are not shown in the images, you can order the product and just email us the specific shade you desire.

All the sofas comes assembled.

Three Seater:

Overall Dimensions: 

90.5 inches Width x (2300mm Width) x 39.4 inches Depth x(1000mm Depth) x 29.5 inches Height (750mm Height)

Seat Dimensions:

73.6 inches Width (2300mm Width) x 39.4 inches Depth (1000mm Depth) x 29.5 inches Height (750mm Height)

Two seater:

Overall Dimensions:

78.7 inches Width (1869mm Width) x 39.4 inches Depth (1000mm Depth) x 29.5 inches Height (750mm Height)


Super soft, Easy care, Crease resistant and Waterproof


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